Feb 20 – 21, 2015
Universität Hamburg, Geomatikum
Europe/Berlin timezone

Workshop 3 Communication in Crisis or Conflict Situations

Workshop 3.
Professional Communication in Crisis or Conflict Situations

21 February 2015

Co-operation within faculties and institutes can sometimes be a challenging matter; the objective is to reconcile different working methods, perspectives, interests and convictions in order to achieve common goals. Furthermore, heavy workloads and constantly changing staff constellations are characteristic of the current situation at many universities. Consequently, there is often very little time for designing communication and negotiation processes carefully. A great deal has to be accomplished quickly, and consequently the various different interests, competition situations and potential for conflicts are frequently ignored until the first issues begin to escalate. With disputes of that nature, it is not always possible to easily bring about win-win situations: sometimes it is even necessary to communicate critical decisions or discontinue co-operation arrangements.

Good preparation and a lot of practice are indispensable prerequisites for the success of difficult discussions. This workshop will offer you the opportunity to deal with various “hot potatoes”.

The one-day workshop will be based on the specific needs of the participants and offers learning opportunities at various levels. Participants will learn how to understand various roles and dynamics within groups of colleagues and working hierarchies even better and to realistically assess situations that may lead to conflicts. The methods that each individual uses for dealing with conflicts can be subjected to critical reflection in order to expand that person’s own range of possible actions. They can familiarise themselves with methods for preparing for difficult discussion situations systematically and comprehensively and - with the aid of concrete exercises within the context of practically-oriented role-playing games - they can practice various options for conducting discussions constructively, thus expanding their behavioural repertoire.
Dr. Tanja A. Meyer-Treschan has been professionally trained in consulting at scientific institutions and research facilities since 2011, both nationally and internationally. A medical specialist by training, she looks back on profound experience in research and teaching at numerous universities. She has been managing director of “Klinische Prüfungen” and coordinator for “Klinische Forschung” at the clinic for anesthesiology at University of Düsseldorf’s university hospital.