29 September 2015 to 2 October 2015
DESY Hamburg
Europe/Berlin timezone

The Matrix Element Method at next-to-leading order accuracy

1 Oct 2015, 16:50
Seminar room 4a (DESY Hamburg)

Seminar room 4a

DESY Hamburg

Particle Phenomenology Particle Phenomenology


Till Martini


The Matrix Element Method (MEM) has proven beneficial to make maximal use of the information available in experimental data. However, so far it has been formulated only in Born approximation. In this talk we discuss the extension to NLO accuracy. As a prerequisite we present an efficient method to calculate event weights for jet events at NLO accuracy. As illustration and proof of concept we apply the method to the measurement of the top-quark mass in e+e- annihilation. We observe significant differences when moving from LO to NLO which may be relevant for the interpretation of top-quark mass measurements at hadron colliders relying on the MEM.

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