12-14 October 2015
DESY Hamburg
Europe/Berlin timezone
Highly available and reliable equipment is an essential foundation for optimizing accelerator operation and performance. Asset and maintenance management provide methods and tools for managing equipment lifecycles, and for keeping equipment in or restoring it to operational condition.
The Asset and Maintenance Management Workshop, AMMW2015, brings together people from particle accelerator, fusion and large-scale laboratories communities. It provides a forum for sharing ideas and experience and reviewing progress in the broad spectrum of asset, maintenance and quality management at large scientific facilities.
Scientific facilities enjoy long lifespans, often over decades, including upgrade and extension projects to keep up with technological developments and evolving user requirements. While these projects put forward new requirements on accelerator operation, they also offer opportunities to revisit and evolve the established asset and maintenance management procedures. AMMW2015 aims to highlight continuously improving asset and maintenance strategies, methods and tools as a specific challenge for the long-lasting scientific facilities.
DESY has a long history in building and operating particle accelerators. Today, DESY is dominated by three large-scale accelerators: PETRA III and FLASH are in operation and have recently been extended and upgraded, while the European XFEL is still under construction and will start its operation in 2016. With three accelerators being extended and brought into operation, asset and maintenance management is currently an area of particular interest at DESY.
DESY Hamburg
Seminar Room 4