2-5 November 2015
DESY Hamburg
Europe/Berlin timezone

REF 2015

Understanding high-energy hadronic processes within the TMD and small-x frameworks.

REF 2015 is the 2nd workshop in the series of workshops on `Resummation, Evolution, Factorization'.

Previous discussion meetings and workshops were
1-3 June 2015 Amsterdam (The Netherlands)
8-11 December 2014 in Antwerp (Belgium)
23-24 June 2014 Antwerp (Belgium)

Summary of previous workshops (Transverse momentum dependent (TMD) parton distribution functions: status and prospects  arXiv:1507.05267)

The principal goal of this series of Workshops is to organize a discussion between the experts from the communities specializing, on the one hand, in the investigation of the nucleon structure based on the Transverse-Momentum Dependent framework (TMD) and, on the other hand, in various methods of dealing with the unintegrated Parton Distribution Functions (uPDF) in the small-x regime. Given that these two large communities attempt to address quite overlapping physical phenomena by means of different languages, a strong demand arises for mutual understanding, promoting the possible development of joint research programs and unified treatments of some of the crucial problems in the theory of strong interaction. The key topics of the REF Workshop are:
  • TMD parton densities
  • TMD fragmentation functions
  • TMDs and multiparton interactions
  • TMD phenomenology with focus on LHC
  • TMD - tools (TMDlib, MC generators etc )
  • general discussion
Program committee:
Ami Rostomyan, Igor Cherednikov, Markus Diehl, Francesco Hautmann, Hannes Jung, Piet Mulders, Zoltan Nagy, Frank Tackmann

Local Organizing committee:
Ami Rostomyan, Markus Diehl, Francesco Hautmann, Hannes Jung, Frank Tackmann

Registration is open until 15. Oct 2015

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