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Jan 18 – 19, 2007
Europe/Berlin timezone
Welcome to the second dCache workshop at DESY.
This time the topics are
  • The SRM 2.2 implementation
  • Space Tokens and Storage spaces
  • dCache operational issues
  • Yaim (Quattor) Installation
  • Meet the FERMI and DESY developers
  • Reports from some of the Tier I sites

Beside sponsering the Conference Dinner, Sun Microsystems
agreed to send Bill Moore, the Co-lead of the team that delivered Sun's innovative file
system, ZFS. Bill will present insights into the SUN ZFS filesystem and will briefly report
on SUNs new storage hardware, the X4500

As usual, suggestions on further topics are welcome.
Main Auditorium, Bld 5
Notkestrasse 85 22607 Hamburg Germany