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Soft Matter materials have become essential in modern every-day life. This family of materials ranges from colloidal dispersions, glasses, liquid crystals to gels, foams and biological macromolecules. In recent years, X-ray scattering has become a key technique to reveal structure and dynamics of Soft Matter materials. Especially with the advent of X-ray Free-Electron Laser sources and the last generation of storage rings new experiments extend our knowledge on structure and dynamics of these materials.

The 15th DESY Research Course will provide an introduction to the recent developments in the field of Soft Matter under X-ray light. Special attention will be paid on modern experimental techniques, scientific applications and connections to theory and simulation. The course addresses master and PhD students, young research fellows, as well as interested scientists.

Registration is free of charge and the number of participants is limited. Applications for this course should be made not later than February 26, 2016.

Confirmed Speakers:

V. Abetz (U Hamburg)
L. Janssen (U Düsseldorf)
A. Pearson (CUI, CFEL)
J.S. Pedersen (U Aarhus)
A.V. Petukhov (U Utrecht)
J. Russo (U Tokyo)
B. Ruta (ESRF, Grenoble)
F. Schreiber (U Tübingen)
M.A. Schroer (DESY)
A. Sepe (U Fribourg)
M. Sprung (DESY)
M. Tolan (TU Dortmund)


- Molecular and colloidal glass formation
- Colloidal crystals
- Modern lightsources for Soft Matter characterization
- Structure formation in polymer systems
- Soft Matter surface and interfaces
- Complex fluids

DESY Hamburg