<b>DEELS 2016</b>

Seminar Room 1 (Deutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron (DESY) <br>Notkestraße 85 <br>22607 Hamburg (GERMANY))

Seminar Room 1

Deutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron (DESY) <br>Notkestraße 85 <br>22607 Hamburg (GERMANY)

Building 1 - Main Building
Gero Kube
DESY is glad to host the third "Diagnostics Experts of European Light Sources" (DEELS) workshop. The goal of the workshop is to bring the diagnostics community together, to discuss common problems, share new developments, and enhance synergies between different facilities. There is no registration fee for the workshop, but costs of accommodation and transportation of each participant shall be covered by their home institute. We hope that this third edition will also become a suitable occasion for a fruitful, fluid and pleasant way of sharing our working experience.
  • Alun Morgan
  • Andriy Nosych
  • Arkadiusz Kisiel
  • Artem Novokshonov
  • Benoît Roche
  • Bertus Kees SCHEIDT
  • Dirk Nölle
  • Gero Kube
  • Guenther Rehm
  • Kay Wittenburg
  • Marcel Schuh
  • Marco Marongiu
  • Nicolas Hubert
  • Peter Leban
  • Ubaldo Iriso
  • Volker Schlott
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