CREMLIN WP2 Workshop: Big Data Management

NRC KI Moscow

NRC KI Moscow

NRC “Kurchatov Institute”, 1, Akademika Kurchatova pl., Moscow
This CREMLIN Workshop is devoted to the topic of Big data management and e-infrastructure with a focus on European-Russian collaboration in the context of Megascience facilities. It shall bring together representatives and experts from existing European, Russian and international platforms and initiatives with representatives from the Russian Megascience facilities. The workshop shall take up community-specific challenges and needs in the context of Big data. Recommendations, approaches to solutions and next steps shall be worked out that will be followed up within the CREMLIN project at thematic-WP-level.
It is a task within CREMLIN WP2 (Task 2.4) to “support the integration of the Russian megascience projects into the European and global e-infrastructure initiatives”. The workshop is a key instrument address this task.