Experiments at the European XFEL will be run using the Karabo framework which combines control, data management and analysis aspects. Karabo 2.0 will be publically released before Christmas 2016. This workshop provides an overall system description of Karabo 2.0 with an emphasis on data collection/retrieval and data analysis. Examples will demonstrate the use of data analysis pipelines.
DESY Hamburg
Seminar room in Building 90 (ZOQ)
This is a satellite workshop of the European XFEL Users' Meeting 2017, so please first register yourself there: https://indico.desy.de/conferenceDisplay.py?confId=16222
For the exercises it is desirable that participants come with their own laptops and prepare them according to instructions that will be provided in due time. Participants who cannot come with their own laptop should send an email to gero.flucke@xfel.eu when registering.
Note that the number of participants is limited to 55.