Karabo 2.0: Introduction to the Control and Analysis Framework at the European XFEL

Seminar room in Building 90 (ZOQ) (DESY Hamburg)

Seminar room in Building 90 (ZOQ)

DESY Hamburg

Experiments at the European XFEL will be run using the Karabo framework which combines control, data management and analysis aspects. Karabo 2.0 will be publically released before Christmas 2016. This workshop provides an overall system description of Karabo 2.0 with an emphasis on data collection/retrieval and data analysis. Examples will demonstrate the use of data analysis pipelines.
    • 1
      Karabo 2.0 Introduction
      Speaker: Dr Sandor BROCKHAUSER (EXFEL)
    • 2
      How to use Karabo
      Speaker: Dr Steffen Hauf (European XFEL GmbH)
    • 3
      Data Acquisition with Karabo
      Note: Slides are 83 MB due to embedded screencasts.
      Speaker: Dr Djelloul Boukhelef (European XFEL GmbH)
    • 3:05 PM
      Coffee Break
    • 4
      Demo: Image and Calibration Pipeline for the LPD Detector
      Speaker: Dr Steffen Hauf (European XFEL GmbH)
    • 5
      Demo: Data Taking and Analysis
      Speakers: Dr Burkhard Heisen (European XFEL GmbH), Dr Dennis Göries (European XFEL GmbH)