5-6 March 2009
Notkestr. 85, 22607 Hamburg<br>Bldg. 25f, room 456
Europe/Berlin timezone
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Goals of the 1st User Workshop of the ‘Coherence Beamline’ P10 at PETRA III The new PETRA III experimental hall

The Coherence Beamline P10 at PETRA III will exploit the high brightness of PETRA III to provide and develop coherent x-ray scattering tools to investigate structure and dynamics on nanometer length scales. This first user workshop has multiple goals: Firstly, we would like to present the current status and development plans of the Coherence Beamline P10 before the PETRA III synchrotron will start operating later this year. Secondly, the workshop tries to inform our potential user base of the new and unique research possibilities at this very bright new x-ray source. We expect to provide a significantly increased coherent x-ray flux as well as increased vibration and temperature stability compared to existing synchrotron based x-ray sources. Finally, we would like to gather input from the user community about (possible future) scientific directions and their experimental setup needs to successfully perform experiments at P10.


Notkestr. 85, 22607 Hamburg<br>Bldg. 25f, room 456
Contact person: Dr. Michael Sprung phone: ++ 49 40 8998-4680 email: michael.sprung@desy.de Conference secretary: Christine Berber phone: ++49 40 8998-1541 email: christine.berber@desy.de