7-8 May 2009
Notkestr. 85, 22607 Hamburg, bldg. 25b, room 109
Europe/Berlin timezone

Petra III will be the most brilliant 3rd generation synchrotron facility in the world when starting operation in 2009. In one of the long straight sections, a 10m long undulator will be installed. This device is dedicated to experiments requiring a high incident flux and a small focus. One of the instruments at this beamline will be dedicated to inelastic x-ray scattering for the study of electronic excitations with total energy resolutions of 50meV and 500meV, respectively. The size of the beam in normal operation will be 150 x 50µm2, and 1µm2 with additional focussing by KB-mirrors.
The purpose of this workshop is to discuss different applications of IXS in the fields of condensed matter physics, chemistry and earth sciences in order to define important parameters of the instrument and in order to discuss different sample environments.

This workshop is organized by:
Wolfgang Caliebe, DESY
Jochen Geck, IfW Dresden
Christian Sternemann, TU Dortmund
Max Wilke, GFZ Potsam
Notkestr. 85, 22607 Hamburg, bldg. 25b, room 109
Contact person: Dr. Wolfgang Caliebe phone: ++ 49 40 8998-1646 email: wolfgang.caliebe@desy.de Conference secretary: Christine Berber phone: ++49 40 8998-1541 email: christine.berber@desy.de