November 30, 2017 to December 1, 2017
European XFEL
Europe/Berlin timezone

The European Cluster of Advanced Laser Light Sources (EUCALL) invites you to participate in the EUCALL Workshop "Biology at Advanced Laser Light Sources".
The workshop addresses, in particular, present and future scientific users of these advanced light sources in the area of biology.
The workshop will highlight specific strengths of synchrotron, FEL and optical laser light sources in biological applications and inform participants about the large richness of scientific applications provided by this suite of installations to the scientific community.
Examples of experiments and applications will make users aware of the most frequent and feasible type of studies. Furthermore, the workshop intends to initiate an exchange amongst scientists using experimental techniques for biology applications.
Topics include X-ray, electron and proton-based techniques used at optical laser, synchrotron and FEL facilities for:
- biological imaging
- serial crystallography and Bio-SAXS/WAXS (including time-resolved studies)
- spectroscopy
- radio-biological experiments
- sample delivery
- industrial usage
- data-handling challenges

Registration open: 05 September  – 30 October 2017
- Registration is free for all participants
- Places are limited to approximately 100 and will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis

EUCALL Young Researcher Travel Bursaries are available for this workshop.

European XFEL
XHQ Seminar Room / E1.173
Holzkoppel 4 22869 Schenefeld Germany
Confirmed invited speakers: Dr. Anton Barty (CFEL, Germany) Dr. Sophie Canton (DESY, Germany / ELI-ALPS, Hungary) Prof. Serena DeBeer (Max Planck Institute, Germany) Prof. Janos Hajdu, (ELIBIO, ELI-Beamlines, Czech Republic) Dr. Katalin Hideghéty (ELI-ALPS, Hungary) Prof. Janos Kirz (Advanced Light Source, USA) Dr. Filipe Maia (Uni. Uppsala, Sweden) Dr. Alke Meents (CFEL, Germany) Prof. Richard Neutze (Uni. Gothenburg, Sweden) Prof. Kevin Prise (Queen's University Belfast, UK) Dr. Emma Springate (Central Laser Facility, UK) Prof. David Stuart (Diamond Light Source, UK) A/Prof. Annette Langkilde (Uni. Copenhagen, Denmark) Dr. Jitka Waterman (Diamond Light Source, UK)