This EUCALL Joint Foresight Topical Workshop sets the stage to define, explore, and tackle challenges that current and future light sources pose to theoretical research and numerical simulations of matter in extreme fields of optical lasers, free-electron lasers and 3rd and 4th generation synchrotron sources. It brings together the experts and young researchers from a broad range of disciplines including

  • Atoms, molecules and cluster in intense radiation fields,
  • Warm Dense Matter creation and diagnostics,
  • High Energy Density Matter,
  • Strong field physics,
  • Non-equilibrium dynamics,
  • Laboratory astrophysics.

Keynote lectures are complemented by young researchers' presentations highlighting the most recent advances in the field. Ample time for discussion and informal meetings provides the ground for strengthening existing partnerships and creation of new collaborations and joint research projects beyond the EUCALL funding period.

Presentations can be found here:



Szeged, Hungary