September 6, 2018
Renaissance Brussels Hotel
Europe/Berlin timezone

The benefits of cross-community clusters: EUCALL’s perspective

This workshop discussed specifically future strategies for clustering activities of advanced light sources in Europe providing open access to users, whereas the results are applicable also to other types of Research Infrastructures (RIs).

The European Cluster of Advanced Laser Light sources (EUCALL) brings together synchrotrons, free-electron lasers and laser RIs and is funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme. Being one of the first projects bridging the gap between accelerator- and optical laser-driven RIs, EUCALL has sparked a lot of interest and response from the corresponding communities.

EUCALL supported the exchange of, and thereby enhanced, operational expertise of the involved light sources, and analyses opportunities for future synergies and common activities. Beyond key ESFRI facilities, these cluster activities involved major national laser, FEL and synchrotron facilities through their direct participation and the involvement of the networks Laserlab-Europe and FELs-of-Europe.

In the four technical EUCALL activities – Simulation of Experiments from source to detector, Ultrafast Data AcquisitionHigh Repetition Rate Sample Delivery, and Pulse Characterisation and Control – teams from laser- and accelerator-based light sources worked successfully together to solve problems impacting the operation and use of the Advanced Laser Light source facilities. Details can be found at

The Joint Foresight Workshop on Future Strategies for Research Infrastructure Operation focussed on the presentation of the results of the synergy analysis performed within EUCALL and discussed the future opportunities for cross-community clusters of major European research infrastructures. 



Advanced Laser Light Sources - A bright future for Europe - Thomas Tschentscher / European XFEL

Exploring ultrashort time-scales in Information Technology: The role of ultrashort x-ray pulses - Claus M. Schneider / FZ Jülich, Peter Grünberg Institute

Panel Discussion 1: Value added through cross-community activities - Highlights of EUCALL

Worldwide Perspective - Roger Falcone / UC Berkeley, American Physical Society

Panel Discussion 2: Key Messages of EUCALL