CREMLIN Closing Workshop

FLASH Seminar Room (DESY)

FLASH Seminar Room


Notkestrasse 85 22607 Hamburg Germany

This workshop is organised back-to-back with the CREMLIN Closing Conference which will be on the day before, 5 June 2018. The Closing workshop will be the final opportunity for the all-CREMLIN consortium to meet and to discuss the preparation of the next steps dedicated to the implementation of all Recommendations that have been worked out in CREMLIN.

The participants of this workshop will be representatives of all 19 CREMLIN beneficiaries, invited will be members of the Consortium board, as well as the Project management board and further representatives of the beneficiaries. Representatives from non-CREMLIN partners that are interested to join the implementation of the CREMLIN Recommendations will also be invited.

The workshop will also be an opportunity to discuss the remaining tasks to be done for the completion of the project.

The CREMLIN Closing Workshop is an event within CREMLIN WP2, with DESY and NRC KI as Lead partners.