Oct 1 – 2, 2018
DESY, Hamburg
Europe/Berlin timezone

Hard X-Ray Absorption Fine Structure (XAFS) Spectroscopy is a versatile tool to study element specifically the local atomic and electronic structure in various systems. About two years ago, the Advanced XAFS-beamline P64 went into operation. It is optimized for experiments which require  high flux, like XAFS of highly diluted systems, XAFS on the sub-s timescale, and high resolution X-ray Emission Spectroscopy (XES).
Several user-groups already measured XAFS and XES of various 3d-systems with functional organic groups in static state. A collaboration of DESY and of the Universities Hamburg and Paderborn plans to install and support a laser-system and to improve the X-ray optics for laser-pump X-ray probe experiments in order to study also the excited state. The time-structure of PETRA III with 100ps long pulses and 192ns between pulses is perfectly suited to study photon-induced electronic excitations and molecular restructuring with XAFS and XES. These measurements will complement experiments at XFEL.
The purpose of the workshop is to discuss different scientific projects, which can be pursued with the new instrument at PETRA III, to define parameters for the laser and for the X-ray beam, and to discuss various sample environments. Several invited speakers will present their project in detail, and participants are encouraged to show brief presentations of their actual and envisioned research.

Organizers: Michael Ruebhausen (Uni HH), Matthias Bauer (Uni. Paderborn), W. Caliebe (DESY)

DESY, Hamburg
CFEL, bldg. 99, SemRm I