This workshop will present research from invited speakers and the activities of the research association Condensed Matter Physics and Chemistry (CMPC) at PETRA III and our collaborators from universities and research institutes. CMPC members include the teams of the PETRA III beamlines P02.1, P07-DESY, P08, P21.1 as well as scientists and engineers from the technical infrastructure and sample environment groups. The workshop will focus on the following topics: • Nanoconfinement (session chair: Milena Lippmann) • Energy materials and catalysts (session chair: Alexander Schökel) • Crystallization and nanoparticles (session chairs: Ann-Christin Dippel & Michael Wharmby) The workshop is open for everybody interested and will provide extensive opportunity for discussions and exchange of ideas. Contributions to the poster session are very welcome.
Bldg. 1
Seminar room 4a/b
DESY Hamburg Notkestr. 85 22607 Hamburg Germany