5-6 September 2019
DESY Hamburg
Europe/Berlin timezone

We want now to announce the "PETRA DAYS 2019" for Thursday, 5th and

Friday, 6th of September 2019 in the FLASH seminar room.


The PETRA Days are dedicated to strengthening the cooperation in the PETRA

community and to brain-storming about future projects in conjunction with

PETRA III and PETRA IV. We will present and discuss topics such as

engineering, technical challenges, computing, organization of user

operation and daily business. The HZG and EMBL outstations as well as FS

groups with strong relation to PETRA are strongly encouraged to



As PETRA was restructured recently, as more beamlines will become

operational shortly and as PETRA III has to go through upgrades in the

next years (either as PETRA IV or as PETRA III-U), This (and the next)

PETRA days is devoted to presenting beamlines/ teams / project teams /

groups with their challenges and technical/computational projects.


In contrast to the last events we will have no parallel sessions giving

everybody the opportunity to learn from all beamlines and teams.

DESY Hamburg
FLASH Seminar Room