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December 2, 2020
Europe/Berlin timezone

DESY Science Day 2020
Wednesday, 2 December 2020

Dear colleagues,
At this year's Science Day we present the scientific DESY highlights 2020 and honour special achievements of our scientists. Every DESY colleague is key to creating the conditions for excellent top-level research. That is why we also honour long-standing personal achievements with a special award. Due to the current pandemic situation, this year's Science Day will be an online event with livestream. Further information will follow in a separate e-mail a few days before the event.


10:00 – 12:15 | Scientific Colloquium (in English)

Chair: Wilfried Buchmüller – Lead Scientist at DESY and Board of the VFFD
Five short talks by our young scientists Caroline Arnold, Valeria Botta, Gregor Loisch, Roland Mainz and Martin Roelsgaard from the research fields of Accelerators, Photon Science and Particle Physics

     10:00 – 10:05   Welcome and Introduction

                               Wilfried Buchmüller

     10:05 – 10:30   Laser pulses shorter than one light-field oscillation + Discussion

                               Roland Mainz

     10:30 – 10:55   Molecules in motion - ultrafast dynamics of liquid water + Discussion

                               Caroline Arnold

     10:55 – 11:20   Watching ultrafast films grow at atomic scale + Discussion

                               Martin Roelsgaard

     11:20 – 11:45   Beam-driven plasma wakefield acceleration + Discussion

                               Gregor Loisch

     11:45 – 12:10   Getting to know the Higgs particle + Discussion

                               Valeria Botta

     12:10 – 12:15   Closing Remarks and End of the Event

                               Wilfried Buchmüller


14:00 | Welcome

Helmut Dosch – Chairman of the DESY Board of Directors
Kerstin Straub – Head of the DESY Press and Public Relations Department

Corona research at DESY

Alke Meents – Group Leader BMX (CFEL)


Lifetime Achievement Awards
Rainer Gehrke, Hans Henschel, Jens-Peter Jensen, Ingolf Meier, Bruno Moldenhauer, Bernd Reime, Wolfgang Schneider, Bernhard Schmidt

Award of the Association of the Friends and Sponsors of DESY (VFFD)
Award Winners: Valeria Botta and Gregor Loisch
Laudator: Wilfried Buchmüller

Bjørn H. Wiik Award
Award Winner: Melanie Schnell
Laudator: Jörg Rossbach

Silver Badge of Honour
Amber Boehnlein, Olga Botner and Martin Steinacher

James D. Stephenson Distinguished Visitors
Michael F. Toney, Kiyoshi Ueda and Zhijiang Chen

New Lead Scientists at DESY

Riccardo Bartolini, Jochen Küpper, Katerina Lipka, Rafael Porto and Holger Sondermann

16:00 | End of the Event

The event will be mainly held in German.