A video workshop will be held at DESY from 22 to 25 June 2020 in order to identify the current and future Biomedical Imaging needs of science and industry and on a possible new dedicated beamline at PETRA III and future PETRA IV beamlines. This workshop was originally planned to happen onsite at DESY on April 22 and 23. 

The scope of the workshop is to bring together current and future users of Biomedical Imaging facilities to exchange ideas and trends as well as identify beamline parameters which could help enable the envisaged imaging projects at PETRA III and PETRA IV. This will also help in gathering information on the evolution and enhancement of methods and techniques provided at the existing PETRA III imaging stations as well as for envisaged stations at PETRA III and PETRA IV. The workshop is expected to cover a broad range of applications from molecular crystallography to possible in vivo studies on animals.


A second workshop on "X-ray Powder Diffraction" with similar intention will be held at the same time and will focus on all aspects of X-ray Powder Diffraction methods. Participation in both workshops is possible (see separate announcement).

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