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May 8, 2020 to December 1, 2020
Europe/Berlin timezone

PETRA IV will be a 4th generation synchrotron radiation source. The high degree of spatial coherence will enable true diffraction-limited focusing providing single digit nm-scale focus sizes and enormous photon-flux densities. Advanced optics, improved mechanical designs, and novel detector developements will further enhance the beamline performance and parameters. The expected beam parameters will enable ground-breaking new experiments that will require new specialised and dedicated instrumentation.

The technical design report (TDR) phase of PETRA IV has started and the scientific requirements for the beamlines have to be determined in detail. This will result in definitions of the corresponding technical requirements for the beamline instrumentations.

The goal of the "PETRA IV Scientific Instrumentation" proposals is to survey the needs of the user community and to identify the experiments to be implemented at PETRA IV. The proposals will be used to develop a user-tailored PETRA IV beamline portfolio in collaboration with HZG and EMBL.

Notkestraße 85 22607 Hamburg
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