DESY is planning to upgrade the PETRA III storage ring with the aim to reduce the horizontal emittance of the electron beam significantly. This has a direct impact on the x-ray beam, which will enable new and exciting experiments. In order to inform current and future users of our XAFS beamlines about the new properties of the x-ray beam, possible novel experimental methods, and various other options, we invite you to participate at an online workshop about the options for X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy (XAS) at PETRA IV at DESY.

The process for selecting new beamlines will involve two steps: The first step was already started and involves a Call for Scientific Instrumentation Proposals. Current and future users of synchrotron radiation are asked to submit proposals for experiments, which they would like to perform at a future PETRA IV beamline. This proposal include requirements for the properties of the incident x-ray beam and other technical parameters. It is important to stress that it is perfectly fine and encouraged to also conceive and submit proposals for beamlines/experiments that do not require the extreme coherence or beamsize properties of PETRA IV.

In a second step all proposals will be reviewed by a panel, that will bundle groups of proposals with similar requirements to future beamlines. This suite of beamlines will be discussed with DESY’s Photon Science Committee and the PETRA IV steering and management boards, and re-iterated if necessary. The resulting list of beamlines will finally be submitted to the DESY directorate, who will make the final decision about the basket of beamlines and their priorities. The selection of instruments will be based on several criteria like complex science,which can only be done at PETRA IV, or high scientific output, or industrial relevance, among others.

The planned workshop is intended to inform the XAFS-community about the new experimental opportunities and to discuss the science cases for experiments at PETRA IV. Based on the information, which will be provided in this XAS-workshop, you can hopefully prepare more specific proposals for discussion during the science-related workshops in October and November 2020.

online workshop