Nov 2 – 4, 2020
Europe/Berlin timezone
This workshop will be held as an online event!

List of Posters

The poster sessions will take place on Monday 2th of November at 16:00 until 18:15 and will be held at the platform



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Poster list and Allocation to tables:

ID Title Presenter REMO FLOOR  
0 Real-Time Sputter Deposition at PETRA IV

Matthias Schwartzkopf

1 P10 goes PIV Michael Sprung 1  
2 Instrumentation for in situ high pressure and temperature studies on large samples at a concept beamline at PETRA IV Robert Farla 1  
3 XPS on free-flying aerosol - quo vadis? Isaak Unger 1  
4 X-ray absorption spectroscopy study of interlayer coupling in 2D layered materials Alexei Kuzmin 1  
5 A diffractometer for investigation of solid surfaces, interfaces and ultrathin films Florian Bertram 1  
6 A diffractometer for investigation of liquid/liquid and liquid/vapor interfaces Bridget Murphy & Chen Shen 1  
7 A heavy load diffractometer for UHV and thin film growth chambers Arka Dey & Florian Bertram 1  
8 A high throughput diffraction endstation for surfaces, interfaces and ultrathin films Chen Shen & Florian Bertram 1  
9 Phase Change of Pyrolitic Material: In-situ Transformation and Induced Microstructures at 660 km Depth Jeff Gay 1  
10 Proposals for future P2.02 Hanns-Peter Liermann 1  
11 Time-resolved X-ray excited optical luminescence (XEOL) spectroscopy and X-ray beam induced current (XBIC) microscopy of chemically synthesized nanostructures Tobias Kipp 1  
12 A sub 10 meV high-resolution monochromator for tender RIXS at Petra IV Hlynur Gretarsson 1  
13 High performance for soft x-ray undulators at 6 GeV storage rings Moritz Hoesch 1  

Hard X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy and Microscopy for PETRA IV

Christoph Schlueter 1  
15 Blueprints for future X-ray spectroscopy beamlines at PETRA IV Edmund Welter & Wolfgang Calibe 2  
16 POLARIS: Utilizing PETRA IV to observe catalysis that drives and feeds the world Patrick Lömker 2