Jul 12 – 23, 2021
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The Radio Neutrino Observatory Greenland (RNO-G)

Jul 21, 2021, 4:36 PM


Talk NU | Neutrinos & Muons Plenary


Dr Stephanie Wissel (Pennsylvania State University)


The Radio Neutrino Observatory Greenland (RNO-G) is scheduled for deployment in the summer of 2021. It will target the detection of astrophysical and cosmogenic neutrinos above 10 PeV. With 35 autonomous stations, it will be the largest implementation of a radio neutrino detector to date. The stations combine best-practice instrumentation from all previous radio neutrino arrays, such as a deep phased-array trigger and surface antennas.
These proceedings describe the experimental considerations that have driven the design of RNO-G and the current progress in deployment, as well as discuss the projected sensitivity of the instrument. RNO-G will provide a unique view of the Northern Sky and will also inform the design of the radio component of IceCube-Gen2.


Radio detection; instrumentation;

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Primary authors

Prof. Anna Nelles (DESY ) Dr Stephanie Wissel (Pennsylvania State University)


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