Jul 12 – 23, 2021
Europe/Berlin timezone

Simulations of radio emission from air showers with CORSIKA 8

Jul 13, 2021, 6:00 PM
1h 30m


Talk CRI | Cosmic Ray Indirect Discussion


Nikolaos Karastathis (Institute for Astroparticle Physics, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology)


CORSIKA 8 is a new framework for air shower simulations implemented in modern C++17, based on past experience with existing codes like CORSIKA 7. The flexibility of this framework allows for the inclusion of radio-emission calculations as an integral part of the program. Our design makes radio simulations general and gives the user the freedom to choose between different formalisms, such as the “Endpoints” and “ZHS” formalisms. In addition, it takes advantage of the flexibility of the CORSIKA 8 environment and geometry design, allowing future updates to more complex scenarios such as showers crossing from air into dense media. Our first results, along with comparisons with other simulation programs like CoREAS in CORSIKA 7 and ZHAireS are going to be presented. In the future, based on our design, the opportunity arises for radio simulations to achieve a significant boost in performance by deploying parallel computing techniques, in particular employing GPUs, and hence, perform more sophisticated radio-emission studies.

Subcategory Theoretical Methods
Collaboration CORSIKA-8

Primary authors

Nikolaos Karastathis (Institute for Astroparticle Physics, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology) Remy Prechelt (University of Hawai'i) Dr Tim Huege (Institute for Astroparticle Physics, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology & Astrophysical Institute, Vrije Universiteit Brussel) Juan Ammerman Yebra (Universidade de Santiago de Compostela)

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