February 11, 2021
Europe/Berlin timezone

Poster List


Poster No. Submitter Title
1 Marcus Creutzburg Heterogeneous Adsorption and Local Ordering of Formic Acid on a Magnetite Surface
2 Martin Nopens Multiscale analysis of xylary plants
3 Michal Kaminski Magnetic x-ray standing waves
4 Nikolay Ivanov Robust Ptychographic X-ray Speckle Tracking with Multilayer Laue lenses
5 Anjali Panchwanee Preparation and study of SmFeO$_3$ thin films
6 Dmitrii Lapkin Structural Inhomogeneity in Superfluorescent Perovskite-NC Superlattice
7 Leon Jacobse Observing the oxidation of platinum under operando electrochemical conditions
8 Steffen Tober Site selective Fe3O4 (001) near-surface diffusion observed by nuclear forward scattering
9 Jerome Carnis Towards quantitative surface strain analysis in Bragg Coherent Diffractive Imaging using correlative imaging.
10 Young Yong Kim Hanbury Brown and Twiss interferometry at PAL-XFEL
11 Alexandr Ignatenko Classification of diffraction patterns in single particle imaging experiments performed at X-ray free-electron lasers using a convolutional neural network
12 Dameli Assalauova An advanced workflow for single-particle imaging with the limited data at an X-ray free-electron laser
13 Robert Gleissner Morphology and growth behavior of Cu nanoparticles on ZnO(0001), ZnO(000-1) and ZnO(10-14)
14 Nastasia Mukharamova Femtosecond-laser-produced periodic plasma in a colloidal crystal probed by XFEL radiation
15 Robert Farla Current and future role of P61B in Nano-Mat
16 Marc Gensch Sputter Deposition of Silver on Nanostructured PMMA-b-P3HT Copolymer Thin Films
17 Ulrich Lienert Subgrain deformation studies by high resolution reciprocal space mapping
18 Naireeta Biswas In-situ GiSAXS investigations of sprayed drugs on Peptide Hydrogel based matrix
19 Elisabeth Erbes In-situ GISAXS Investigation of Sprayed Drugs on a Cellulose Based Matrix
20 Andrei Chumakov Ferromagnetic nanoplates self-organization by a spray coating technique
21 Constantin Harder In-situ spraying of Colloids on Cellulose Nanofibers
22 Marie Betker

CNF thin films as sustainable carrier material and their role in layered systems