26-30 July 2021
Europe/Berlin timezone

Understanding the Loop Quantum Cosmology and the Concept of Time

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Poster Quantum Field and String Theory T11: Quantum Field and String Theory


Bhuvaneshwari Kashi (CVR College of Engineering)


Time is an enigmatic property of the universe which confounded physicists for ages. This property is increasingly dark and cryptic when we deal with metric spaces of the microscopic scales in the universe. There are remarkable theories, in particular, the loop quantum gravity (LQT) which helps us in understanding the cosmology of these microscopic scales. However, the theory possesses considerable complications in explaining the concept of time. We redress the notions of quantum cosmology and the loop quantum gravity. The elegance of the theory in describing the microscopic scales is discussed. We try to emphasise the concept of the time interpreted as far as the notion of quantum gravity is concerned. We aim to review and re-analyse the loop gravity, the perception of the dynamic time and the timeless universe.

Collaboration / Activity Birla Science Center & KITP

Primary author

Bhuvaneshwari Kashi (CVR College of Engineering)

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