26-30 July 2021
Europe/Berlin timezone

Two-loop renormalisation of non-Abelian gauge theories in $4D$ Implicit Regularisation

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Poster Quantum Field and String Theory T11: Quantum Field and String Theory


Mrs Dafne Carolina Arias Perdomo (CCNH, Universidade Federal do ABC)


The data collected at the LHC does not indicate significant deviations from the predictions of the Standard Model (SM). Taking into account that precision observables can be predicted already at two and three loops, it is evident the necessity to develop stringent tests of self-consistency of the SM. We compute the two-loop $\beta$-function of pure Yang-Mills and quantum chromodynamics using the background field method in a fully quadridimensional setup using Implicit Regularization (IREG). Subtleties related to Lorentz algebra contractions/symmetric integrations inside divergent integrals as well as renormalization schemes are carefully discussed within IREG where the renormalization constants are fully defined as basic divergent integrals to arbitrary loop order. Finally, an algorithm for the automated calculation of the $\beta$-function was developed in Mathematica.

Email adriano.cherchiglia@ufabc.edu.br
Collaboration / Activity Visiting professor at UFABC
First author Adriano Cherchiglia

Primary authors

Dr Adriano Cherchiglia (CCNH, Universidade Federal do ABC) Mrs Dafne Carolina Arias Perdomo (CCNH, Universidade Federal do ABC) Dr Alexandre Vieira (Universidade Federal do Triângulo Mineiro) Dr Marcos Sampaio (CCNH, Universidade Federal do ABC) Dr Brigitte Hiller (CFisUC, Department of Physics, University of Coimbra)

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