26-30 July 2021
Europe/Berlin timezone

Measurement of multileptonic WZ properties with the CMS detector at 13 TeV

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Poster Top and Electroweak Physics T07: Top and Electroweak Physics


Carlos Erice Cid (Universidad de Oviedo (ES))


New results are presented corresponding to the measurement of several properties of WZ production in the CMS experiment. The measurements profit from the high purity of the three lepton final state and the whole luminosity of the Run II of the LHC to provide precisions never reached before on this diboson process.

Inclusive and differential cross section measurements are complemented with studies of the asymmetry in the plus and minus charged WZ production, and studies on the gauge boson polarization states. In total they provide an extended picture of the observed properties of the process and their compatibility with SM predictions.

Additionally, an interpretation in terms of new physics as a search for several EFT parameters affecting the WWZ charged triple gauge coupling in WZ production is presented.

First author Carlos Erice Cid
Collaboration / Activity CMS Collaboration
Email carlos.francisco.erice.cid@cern.ch

Primary author

Carlos Erice Cid (Universidad de Oviedo (ES))

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