26-30 July 2021
Europe/Berlin timezone

Study of the cosmic muon rate nearby the Advanced Virgo detector at the end of the O3 run

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Poster Astroparticle and Gravitational Waves T01: Astroparticle and Gravitational Waves


Francesco Di Renzo (University of Pisa and INFN section of Pisa)


Cosmic-ray particles have longly been studied as a potential source of noise for interferometric Gravitational Wave detectors. These particles, mostly muons at sea level, can interact with the detector mirrors releasing charges or inducing thermal effects, which, at the detector output, could be observed as transient excesses of noise, namely glitches. For the Advanced Virgo detector, the rate of these particles is monitored by a muon detector located in the vicinity of the detector central building. We present here the correlation study of the rate of muons with the rate of glitches during a couple of weeks at the end of the third observing run of Advanced Virgo, O3. We also present the correlation of the previous quantities with other environmental effects, showing how the latter dominate the glitch rate and can explain a significant part of its variations.

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