26-30 July 2021
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Search for gluino-mediated stop pair production in events with b-jets and large missing transverse momentum

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Poster Searches for New Physics T10: Searches for New Physics


Egor Antipov (Oklahoma SU) Egor Antipov


A search for supersymmetry involving the pair production of gluions decaying via stop quarks into the lightest neutralino is reported. The search uses LHC proton-proton collision data at the center-of-mass energy sqrt(s)=13 TeV with an integrated luminosity of 139 inverse fb collected with the ATLAS detector in 2015-2018. The search is performed in events containing large missing transverse momentum and several energetic jets, at least three of which must be identified as originating from b-quarks. The analysis considers two final states, one of which is required to have at least one lepton, while the second search region imposes a veto on leptons. Expected exclusion limit for gluino and neutralino masses is evaluated using simplified signal models.

Collaboration / Activity ATLAS
Email Lidija.Zivkovic@cern.ch
First author Lidija Zivkovic

Primary author

Egor Antipov (Oklahoma SU)

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