26-30 July 2021
Europe/Berlin timezone

High-quality beams from a high-efficiency plasma accelerator at DESY’s FLASHForward facility, and beyond

29 Jul 2021, 17:10


Parallel session talk Accelerators for HEP T13 - Accelerator for HEP


Dr Carl A. Lindstrøm (FTX AST)


Plasma accelerators can drastically shrink large-scale future accelerator facilities such as a linear collider. Maintaining high beam quality and accelerating with high energy efficiency is key to delivering high luminosity per wall-plug power. However, this is particularly challenging in a plasma accelerator due to their microscopic size—extreme precision and stability is required. We present recent results from DESY’s FLASHForward plasma-accelerator facility, showing preserved energy spread and charge while accelerating with GV/m gradients at record efficiency and stability. Moreover, a new concept for self-correcting plasma acceleration is presented, which may provide orders of magnitude better beam quality and stability for applications in the future.

Collaboration / Activity FLASHForward
First author Carl A. Lindstrøm
Email carl.a.lindstroem@desy.de

Primary author

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