26-30 July 2021
Europe/Berlin timezone

ATLAS measurements of CP violation with beauty mesons

26 Jul 2021, 15:30


Parallel session talk Flavour Physics and CP Violation T08: Flavour Physics and CP Violation


Radek Novotny (UNM)


The ATLAS experiment has performed measurements of mixing and CP violation in the neutral B meson systems.
This talk will focus on the latest results from the ATLAS collaboration on CP violation in the B_s^0 —> J/psi phi decays.
Standard Model predicts the CP violating mixing phase, phi_s, to be very small and its SM value is very well constrained,
while in many new physics models large phi_s values are expected. Latest measurements of phi_s and several other parameters
describing the B_s^0 —> J/psi phi decays will be reported.

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