26-30 July 2021
Europe/Berlin timezone

Automated symbolic calculations of Wilson coefficients in general BSM

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Poster Flavour Physics and CP Violation T08: Flavour Physics and CP Violation


Grégoire Uhlrich (IP2I)


We present a fully automated procedure providing an easy way to perform,
systematically, phenomenological analysis in flavour physics for general
BSM scenarios. This procedure is model independent and requires as input
only the Lagrangian of the theory. Once the Lagrangian has been defined,
all tree and loop-level Wilson coefficients are calculated symbolically
by MARTY, and from those values flavour observables are computed
numerically by SuperIso. We focus in particular on b → sγ and the
recently measured b → sll observables which are in tension with the SM,
and present a few examples of the results for specific new physics

Email g.uhlrich@ipnl.in2p3.fr
Collaboration / Activity Ph.D. student at IP2I (Lyon)
First author Grégoire Uhlrich

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