26-30 July 2021
Europe/Berlin timezone

Muon $g−2$ and $\Delta\alpha$ connection

29 Jul 2021, 09:30


Parallel session talk Flavour Physics and CP Violation T08: Flavour Physics and CP Violation


Alex Keshavarzi (University of Manchester)


The Muon $g-2$ experiment at Fermilab has recently confirmed Brookhaven's earlier measurement of the muon anomalous magnetic moment $a_\mu$. This new result increases the discrepancy $\Delta a_\mu$ with the Standard Model (SM) prediction and strengthens its "new physics" interpretation as well as the quest for its underlying origin. Following the presentations of the new experimental result and the SM prediction of the Muon $g-2$ at this conference, I will focus on some of the latest developments and discuss the connection of the discrepancy $\Delta a_\mu$ to precision electroweak predictions via their common dependence on hadronic vacuum polarization effects. This is particularly relevant for the ongoing comparison between results for hadronic vacuum polarization effect as calculated from hadronic cross section data and from lattice QCD.

Collaboration / Activity Muon g-2 Experiment/Theory
First author Alex Keshavarzi
Email alexander.keshavarzi@manchester.ac.uk

Primary authors

Alex Keshavarzi (University of Manchester) Prof. William J. Marciano (Brookhaven National Laboratory) Dr Massimo Passera (INFN (Padua)) Prof. Alberto Sirlin (New York University)

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