15-19 November 2021
Europe/Berlin timezone

REF 2021 is the 8th edition in the series of workshops on Resummation, Evolution, Factorization. It is dedicated to understand the physics underlying high energy hadronic collision processes where the intrinsic transverse momentum of the colliding partons plays an important role. It brings together research groups specialized in a broad range of topics, e.g., nucleon structure, transverse-momentum-dependent parton density functions, small-x physics, jet physics, multi-parton interactions, parton showers, etc. The interplay between the necessary factorization theorems, resummation of large logarithms and the corresponding evolution equations are the common ground from where these different communities can work together towards higher precision calculations, which are crucial not only for the understanding of the data recorded by facilities like the LHC but especially for future experiments like the EIC.

Local Organizing Committee:

Armando Bermúdez Martínez (DESY)

Sara Taheri Monfared (DESY)

Qun Wang (DESY)

Hannes Jung (DESY)

Markus Diehl (DESY)

Armine Rostomyan (DESY)

Advisory Board:

Elke Aschenauer, Daniel Boer, Igor Cherednikov, Markus Diehl, Miguel G. Echevarria, Laurent Favart, Francesco Hautmann, Hannes Jung, Krzysztof Kutak, Piet Mulders, Gunar Schnell, Ignazio Scimemi, Andrea Signori, Pierre Van Mechelen

Confirmed Speakers:


Previous meetings:

7-11 December 2020, Online

25-29 November 2019, Pavia (Italy)

19-23 November 2018, Krakow (Poland)

13-16 November 2017, Madrid (Spain)

7-10 November 2016, Antwerp (Belgium)

2-5 November 2015, Hamburg (Germany)

8-11 December 2014, Antwerp (Belgium)



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