Aug 23 – 28, 2010
Europe/Berlin timezone

Measurements of the CKM Elements at BABAR

Aug 24, 2010, 4:12 PM
Gr. Hörsaal Mathematik (Bonn)

Gr. Hörsaal Mathematik


Nussallee 12


Mr Martin Nagel (University of Colorado)


A variety of recent measurements determining sides of the CKM unitarity triangle have been performed with Babar data and will be reported. These include: a measurement of |Vcb| and the form-factor slope in B -> D l nu Decays in events tagged by a fully reconstructed B meson; measurement and interpretation of moments in inclusive decays B->Xc l nu; measurement of |Vub| from form-factor shapes and branching fractions of exclusive semileptonic decays; and measurements of partial branching fractions for $\B \to X_u \ell \bar{\nu}$ in a determination of |Vub|. We also report on the determination of |Vus| using tau lepton decays to pi nu and K nu.

Primary author

Mr Martin Nagel (University of Colorado)

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