October 13, 2021
online via zoom
Europe/Berlin timezone
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Group, Talking, Communication Unconscious Bias

It is an undeniable fact that everyone is biased to a certain extent. But being biased comes with a cost – for the individual as well as for society as a whole. Therefore, it's worth having a closer look at where our biases come from and why they still have such a strong impact on our perceptions and decision-making. This introductory talk will give a condensed overview about the phenomenon “Unconscious Bias”, the science behind it and its relevance for academia.

We will address:

  • Central concepts
  • Psychological mechanisms that feed into bias
  • Types & consequences of Unconscious Bias
  • Impact points in the scientific system
  • Overcoming the impact of bias!?

An extensive Q&A session will furthermore allow participants to dive deeper into questions such as the following: What can we do to reduce the impact of bias in our work environment? And why is trying to do so important for the future of science?

About the Speaker:
Eileen Schwanold is a Social and Organizational Psychologist specialized in Diversity & Social Equality. Currently she is developing and implementing Diversity strategies for the Clusters of Excellence “CUI: Advanced Imaging of Matter” and “Quantum Universe” at the University of Hamburg. Furthermore, she offers talks on Diversity Matters and since her time as a scholarship holder of the German Academic Scholarship Foundation she’s been volunteering as a mentor for talented students who are looking for scholarship opportunities themselves.

online via zoom
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