October 20, 2021
Europe/Berlin timezone
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Woman that looks bored.Motivation & Procrastination

Procrastination is a way of easing our own discomfort. Discomfort because the task is too hard, too boring, too big, too scary. The difficulty with procrastinating is that it makes you feel better for a moment, which makes it very reinforcing (and therefore more likely that you will do it again next time), but it does nothing to fix the reason the task feels uncomfortable to begin with. It is still too big, too hard, too scary, or too boring the next time you sit down to do it. So, the cycle repeats.


About the Speaker:
As a former postdoctoral researcher in Clinical Psychology and Neuroscience, Desiree Dickerson has worked at both ends of the spectrum - from (lab) bench to bedside. Since 2010, she is a renowned trainer for research and innovation and Academic Mental Health & Well-being Consultant.
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