Terascale Monte Carlo School: PB TMDs with CASCADE


Welcome to the first TMD Monte Carlo school.

The school will be fully online, no registration fee, but registration is needed.

The school consists of lectures/tutorials every day from 13-16.
Monday and Tuesday is reserved for intro lectures on
MC technique and Parton Shower and Parton Branching TMDs and CASCADE.

Wednesday & Thursday are Tutorials and Exercises for a comparison of PB TMD predictions with azimuthal correlations of high pt Dijets in back-to-back region at the LHC.

Friday: Summary & preparation of presentation for REF2021

From the results obtained in the school, a contribution at the REF 2021 workshop will be prepared by the participants of the school.
In addition a short publication of the results will be prepared after the school.

Local Organizing Committee:

Armando Bermúdez Martínez (DESY), Hannes Jung (DESY), Sara Taheri Monfared (DESY), Qun Wang (DESY)

Terascale Monte Carlo School: PB TMDs with CASCADE
  • Ariadna León Quirós
  • Aryan Borkar
  • Can Süslü
  • Chinmay Seth
  • Deniz Sunar Cerci
  • Federica Colombina
  • Giorgia Bonomelli
  • Hannes Jung
  • Heng Yang
  • İrem Şalk
  • Itana Bubanja
  • Keila Moral Figueroa
  • Lissa Keersmaekers
  • Mees van Kampen
  • Mihir Patel
  • Mikel Mendizabal Morentin
  • Mirac Ekim Vural
  • Muhammad Abdullah Al-Mashad
  • Muhammad Ibrahim Abdulhamid
  • Niccolò Forzano
  • Pierre Van Mechelen
  • Safura Sadeghi Barzani
  • Salim Cerci
  • Sara Taheri Monfared
  • Simone Amoroso
  • Souvik Adhya
  • Stephen Eggebrecht
  • Suzanne Steel
  • Yanwen Hong
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Terascale Monte Carlo School: PB TMDs with CASCADE
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