14-15 October 2010
Hotel Bergström Lüneburg, Bei der Lüner Mühle, 21335 Lüneburg
Europe/Berlin timezone
The workshop photo is online !

PETRA III is one of the most brilliant 3rd generation synchrotron facilities in the world since the beginning of its operation in November of 2009. It is, therefore, ideal for experiments that require small beams with high flux at high energies such as in situ diffraction experiments at extreme conditions, i.e. at high-pressure and simultaneous high/low temperatures.
One of the research foci of PETRA III is X-ray diffraction at Extreme Conditions. Currently, we are building the Extreme Condition Beamline (ECB, P02.2) that is optimized for high-energy monochromatic/pink beam, powder/single crystal diffraction experiments at high-pressure and simultaneous high/low temperature experiments in Diamond Anvil Cells. However, there has been a call by the German high-pressure community to develop a high energy diffraction/imaging beamline that is dedicated to Large Volume Press (LVP) systems. Such a setup will enable the investigation of large sample volumes at extreme conditions, enabling a range of techniques and applications, including measurements of phase relations, equations of state, rheological and transport properties. Major questions concerning the physical and chemical state of the deep Earth's interior can be addressed, while it is envisaged that the LVP will also be important for materials science applications, such as in the synthesis and characterization of new materials with novel applications.

This "Workshop for Extreme Conditions Research using a Large Volume Press" is being convened to discuss the possible scientific focus and design of an instrument optimized for LVP research at a high-energy PETRA III beamline based on the needs of the German, European and International user community.

Hotel Bergström Lüneburg, Bei der Lüner Mühle, 21335 Lüneburg

Organizing scientist: Hanns-Peter Liermann (hanns-peter.liermann@desy.de)

Assistance: Christine Berber (christine.berber@desy.de) Phone: + 49 40 8998-1541