February 24, 2022
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Europe/Berlin timezone

Workshop: Introduction to "Unconscious Bias” - virtual

The input will firstly provide an overview about basic psychological mechanisms and functions that are needed to understand the phenomenon “Unconscious Bias”. Furthermore, the workshop will explore the following aspects:

  • Types & consequences of Unconscious Bias 
  • Unconscious Bias and its impact in the workplace
  • Possible countermeasures (in the context of the scientific system)

Lastly, there will be space for sharing own experiences with biases and we will discuss strategies to reduce the impact of bias in everyday life as well as the academic work place.

About the Speaker:
Eileen Schwanold is a Social and Organizational Psychologist specialized in Diversity & Social Equality. Currently she is developing and implementing Diversity strategies for the Clusters of Excellence “CUI: Advanced Imaging of Matter” and “Quantum Universe” at the University of Hamburg. Furthermore, she offers talks on Diversity Matters and since her time as a scholarship holder of the German Academic Scholarship Foundation she’s been volunteering as a mentor for talented students who are looking for scholarship opportunities themselves.

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Online - Zoom (link will be sent to you)
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