GPFS, dCache and Tape operation at DESY and KIT



Xavier Mol (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT))
  • Wednesday, July 13
    • 3:00 PM 3:10 PM
      Convener: Andreas Petzold (IT (IT Information Fabrics))
    • 3:10 PM 5:30 PM
      Setup at KIT

      Overview over the setup of GPFS and how it is utilized for running dCache and the tape backend.

      • 3:10 PM
        GPFS Setup 20m

        Technical details on the GPFS setup

        Speaker: Uwe Falke
      • 3:40 PM
        GPFS Monitoring 20m

        How we monitor GPFS health and performance at KIT

        Speaker: Ludmilla Obholz
      • 4:10 PM
        dCache on top of GPFS 20m

        Layout of our dCache SEs and how they use GPFS

        Speaker: Samuel Ambroj Pérez
      • 4:40 PM
        dCache/ENDIT/GPFS/HPSS 10m

        Where we use GPFS in combination with HPSS

        Speaker: Haykuhi Musheghyan
      • 5:00 PM
        Tweaking GPFS 30m

        How to optimize GPFS performance and reliablity

    • 9:00 AM 12:00 PM
      GPFS at DESY

      Anything DESY guests want to present

    • 12:00 PM 1:00 PM
      Lunch break

      Enjoy the meals in our KIT Casino

    • 1:00 PM 3:00 PM
      Open Forum

      Free discussions