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Novel X-ray radiation sources provide X-ray radiation of unique properties: coherent, highly brilliant, and emitted in pulses of down to femtosecond duration. This radiation can explore ultrasmall spatial scales: the structure of objects down to atomic resolution, ultrashort temporal scales: transitions occurring on timescales down to femtoseconds, and create extreme states of matter.

The offered research course shall give an introduction to the theoretical foundations of  X-ray science with novel light sources, and to the new research opportunities that they provide. It addresses Master, PhD students and young research fellows comprising lectures on the following topics:
1) X-ray coherent diffraction imaging
2) XFEL and synchrotron radiation
3) Ultrafast spin dynamics
4) X-ray absorption and inelastic scattering
5) Atomic processes
6) X-ray created warm dense matter
Registration is free of charge and the number of participants is limited. Applications for this course should be made not later than March 11, 2013. You will receive a confirmation for your participation.

Speakers (invited):
V. Elser (Cornell U.)
G. Geloni (XFEL)
B. Koopmans (TU Eindhoven)
N. Rohringer (CFEL)
R. Santra (CFEL)
M. van Veenendaal (APS, Argonne)
O. Vendrell (CFEL)

B. Ziaja (CFEL)

Local Organising Committee:

B. Ziaja-Motyka, CFEL
Gerhard Grübel, DESY
Felix Lehmkühler, DESY
Matthias Kreuzeder, DESY (Administration,

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