Nov 18 – 22, 2013
MPI Munich
Europe/Berlin timezone

NAF2.0 accounts

The computing platform for all tutorials is the NAF at DESY.
All participants are provided with school accounts to be able to log into the dedicated school computing infrastructure, please refer to the handout.
All accounts are personalized. You should not share your account details with other people. You should only use your account for purposes related to this school. People with an existing DESY account should use a school account during the turorials.

Login from the command line, e.g.:

Please look up your account name, password and your preferred login machine on the handout.

You might want to add the the switch -XY to ssh to enable X-Forwarding to your local client machine.

Linux and OSX come with a command-line ssh client. X-Forwarding might need some configuration for OSX.
Windows is not equipped with an ssh client, you might want to use PuTTY ( ).

Copying files can be done on the command line using scp, e.g.:
scp localfile

If your local client is equipped with an AFS client, you can access it using:
ls -l /afs/

Need help? Contact naf-helpdesk (at)