May 21 – 22, 2019
Madrid, Spain
Europe/Berlin timezone

Welcome to Madrid!

Welcome to Madrid!

Madrid is the capital of Spain and the Autonomous Community of Madrid. The metropolitan area of ​​Madrid is one of the largest cities in Europe with about seven million inhabitants. With around 3.2 million inhabitants, Madrid is the third largest city in the European Union after London and Berlin and the largest city in southern Europe.

For centuries, Madrid has been the geographical, political and cultural center of Spain and the seat of the Spanish government. Here reside also the king, a catholic archbishop as well as important administrative and military authorities. As a commercial and financial center, the city has national and international significance. There are six public universities in Madrid, as well as various other colleges, theaters, museums and cultural institutions.

Madrid is located in the center of Spain at 667 msnm, making it the highest capital of the European Union. The city, which is crossed by the small river Manzanares, is part of the historical landscape of Castile and lies in the midst of Meseta, the high plain of Castile. Northwest of the city rise the mountains of the Sierra de Guadarrama, which rise in Peñalara to 2429 m high. To the east opens the valley of the Henares, in which iron and highways run to Zaragoza and Barcelona. About 70 km south, on the Tagus, lies the ancient Castilian capital Toledo, which is today the capital of the autonomous region of Castilla-La Mancha.

The average temperature in May is around 17 ° C.


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