Nov 18 – 20, 2020
Europe/Berlin timezone
This workshop will be held as an online event!

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"Technical Challenges and Scientific Computing"

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*Technical requirements:

The following browsers are supported by Remo:

Chrome 77+ and higher

Firefox 76+ and higher

Safari 13+

You may check your system compatibility at

*Participating in

For participating in a Remo event, please click on the link provided. This will lead you to the landing page of the meeting.

  • Click on “Join the event”
  • Register with your name and email

It is suggested by your browser to use camera and microphone, so please allow the usage.

When you are entering the room, you will be allocated to a table randomly.

On the left hand side of the screen you can choose the floor, which you would like to visit.

To choose a table please double-click on the table.  You can then enter in a video chat.


NOTE: It is only possible to join a video session at the current table.


* Presenting your poster

Please be ready for the presentation right at the beginning of the session.

Please take into account that you present your poster in a digital format. As a consequence, you might want to adjust your poster design accordingly.


There are two possibilities to share your poster with other participants. 

Screen share:

You may present your poster by sharing your screen with the others at the table. Therefore you click on the screen share symbol and select the window you would like to share. Please note: while sharing you may not leave the table. 

White board function:

You may also use the whiteboard for presenting your poster. For this please open the whiteboard and upload your poster.

Please note: The whiteboard is linked to the table, so the poster will also be presented, although you are not present at the table. In addition, other participants can individually zoom into your poster and comment on it. 

Please be ready for the presentation right at the beginning of the session.

For detailed information see the Remo checklist

and/or visit the video tutorial