26-30 July 2021
Europe/Berlin timezone

New constraints on flavour violating supersymmetry

26 Jul 2021, 11:30


Parallel session talk Searches for New Physics T10: Searches for New Physics


Mohamed Amine Boussejra (Lyon University)


We present an update on the constraints on general MSSM scenarios with non-minimal sources of flavour violation (NMFV), including all theoretical constraints and the most recent experimental bounds.
Using an MCMC algorithm and the public code SuperIso, we compute various flavour observables and the muon $(g-2)$ and impose the LHC direct search limits.
We present an up-to-date calculation of the relevant observables, in particular those related to $b\to s ll$ transitions which manifest tensions with the SM predictions, and show the latest allowed NMFV parameter ranges, in light of the most recent experimental bounds.
We finally discuss and propose a few benchmark scenarios for future BSM searches.

Collaboration / Activity Theory
Email boussejra@ipnl.in2p3.fr
First author Mohamed Amine Boussejra

Primary authors

Mohamed Amine Boussejra (Lyon University) Mrs Nazila Mahmoudi (Lyon University and CERN)

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