26-30 July 2021
Europe/Berlin timezone

Methods and results on the search for gravitational wave echoes in the post-merger phase after binary black hole coalescences.

30 Jul 2021, 10:10


Parallel session talk Astroparticle and Gravitational Waves T01: Astroparticle and Gravitational Waves


Andrea Miani (Virgo)


The current Gravitational Wave (GW) surveys of Binary Black Hole (BBH) mergers provide unprecedented probes of the dynamics in extreme gravitational fields and relativistic velocities. It has been proposed that these Compact Objects may have exotic characteristics making them be different from simpler Black Holes (BHs): they would produce repeated GW pulses of widely uncertain morphology (echoes) in the post-merger phase.
We will present a method for searching echoes that is agnostic to the properties of the GW pulses and discuss its discovery potential in terms of echoes' strength. The method is based on a dedicated version of coherentWaveBurst (cWB), an unmodelled GW transient search algorithm, developed in LVC and widely used on LIGO-Virgo-KAGRA data.
The performances in terms of detection and estimation of echoes' characteristics have been investigated on actual data from past LIGO-Virgo observing runs (O1 and O2) by injecting a large set of simulated signals.
Moreover, we will present the new upper limits in echoes detection set by this search on LIGO-Virgo open data and open catalogs of detected CBC.

First author Miani, Andrea
Collaboration / Activity Virgo - LIGO
Email andrea.miani@unitn.it

Primary authors

Andrea Miani (Virgo) Claudia Lazzaro (Università degli Studi di Padova) Prof. Giovanni Andrea Prodi (Virgo)


Prof. Gabriele Vedovato (Virgo) Prof. Marco Drago (Virgo) Dr Shubhanshu Tiwari (LIGO) Prof. Francesco Salemi (Virgo) Prof. Edoardo Milotti (Virgo) Prof. Sergey Klimenko (LIGO)

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